Selena Gomez was spotted in Beverly Hills, and people are talking about it as she was seen wearing some serious bling on her wedding ring finger. And this also happened after The Weeknd and Bella Hadid broke up, so people can’t help but make a connection. 

According to Daily Mail, Gomez was seen alone at the jewelry store XIV Karats in Beverly Hills. While witnesses assumed that the ring could mean something like an engagement, the publication clarified that the singer may have bought the ring for herself as a belated gift for her birthday. 

Although she was seen at the jewelry store, it’s still not sure whether Gomez bought the ring for herself or whether someone gifted it to her. The Weeknd was speculated to have given the ring, but the two have not reconciled. Besides it’s only been a week since The Weeknd and Hadid have broken up.

Gomez’s kidney donor, Francia Raisa, was also speculated to have given the ring. However, because of the rumored rift between the two best friends, reports claimed that it might not be Raisa either. 

Gomez and Raisa had a falling out, and they haven't spoken to each other for nine months now, according to Radar Online. The cause of the conflict was said to be the former Disney star’s unhealthy choices when it comes to living her life. The 31-year-old “Grown-ish” actress was rumored to be furious of her best friend not taking care of herself after the transplant when she sacrificed a lot by giving her one of her kidneys. 

In 2017, Raisa was found to be a match for Gomez’s much-needed kidney transplant, and she took the risk to save her best friend’s life. But Raisa now thinks that Gomez is not living a healthy life, contrary to what she promised after their operations, reports claimed.

The recovery took a long time, and Raisa was said to be in pain for months, only to find out later on that the person who received her kidney was drinking alcohol again. This made her furious, according reports. 

Meanwhile, after The Weeknd and Hadid’s split last week, Gomez’s name is being linked to the rapper again. There’s no news, however, as to whether the two have reconnected. People see the ex-couple as a perfect match, but their relationship unfortunately lasted only 10 months.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were caught kissing in Santa Monica. Getty Images