A voicemail found in Hunter Biden's phone posits that his father, U.S. President Joe Biden may have known personally about some of the business deals that his son Hunter was involved in. Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images.

Senator Ron Johnson (Republican-Wisconsin) has opened up about President Joe Biden and the false Hunter laptop letter.

Johnson, who is the former head of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said Sunday that the President's dirty campaign trick that falsely claimed The New York Post's Hunter laptop story involved Russian disinformation amounts to far worse election interference than any effort made by foreign powers.

Johnson said during the "Cats Roundtable" show that they knew "the Hunter Biden laptop was real," and that the FBI knew that." He claimed that they got their hands on it in Dec. 2019.

He noted that still, the Biden campaign managed to persuade 51 former intelligence officials to sign onto a letter. That was just weeks before the Nov. 2020 Presidential election. It was to discredit the laptop story as Russian propaganda.

In a testimony, then-acting CIA Director Mike Morell had admitted to the House Judiciary Committee that he organized the letter after having discussions with the Biden campaign members. It included current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who was a top adviser at the time.

Johnson fumed and said that they wrote a letter to interfere in the Presidential election to a "far greater extent than anything China or Russia ever could hope to do." They did so by claiming that the laptop had all the "earmarks of ... a Russian information campaign."

The Senator shared that the letter was an information campaign, and that it had a far greater impact on the 2020 "election than anything any foreign adversary could ever undertake, and that this "isn't suspect anymore."

He noted that now people know that it's Morell who is doing the work of Blinken, who is part of the Biden campaign. The Senator pointed out then Biden used that "lie in his debate against (former President) Donald Trump a few days later."

At the second and final presidential debate against Trump, Biden cited the letter. He claimed falsely that the information disclosed by The New York Post was the result of a "Russian plant.

Biden said at the time that there are 50 former national intelligence people who "said that what he's accusing me of is a Russian plant." He had noted that five former heads of the CIA said what "he's saying is a bunch of garbage," and that nobody believed it except Trump's "good friend Rudy Giuliani."

Johnson said that the President and his team will hopefully be held accountable for the dirty trick, reported New York Post.

He shared that maybe people don't have the specifics, but now "we know (the origins) of the letter from the 51 intelligence officials who covered up the Hunter Biden laptop."

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