Seniors in the UK Army have been accused of covering up the murder of a prostitute, who was allegedly stabbed to death by a British soldier during a sex game in 2012, and now a new murder inquiry has been started.

In light of the claims made by five soldiers, a murder inquiry has been started by the Royal Military Police, according to The Sun.

Four comrades, and a fifth on a WhatsApp group named the soldier from the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment was referred as “Soldier X” by The Times. One of the men, known as Soldier Y, recalled Soldier X taking him to a tank and lifting it up. He said that he looked in and remembered seeing the victim, Agnes Wanjiru, in there. Heart of Soldier Y sank and his mind went blank. He said, "The only thing I could say to him was: ‘I’ll never forgive you for this’.”

Soldier X told colleagues that he had killed her by accident during sex after choking her, added Soldier Z. The soldiers believed that it was not intentional, so that may have led to colleagues keeping mum about the sex worker's death because of the "code of silence" in the military. But later it was found that she suffered blunt force injury to her chest and had been stabbed to death.

Soldier Z said that they thought the incident was an accident. He added, "That's completely different from stabbing someone to death and putting them in a septic tank." According to Daily Mail, Soldier Y did not recall the sex game story, but said he did not know what happened, other than, "He definitely did it. A thousand per cent, it was him."

After the squad had returned to the UK, her body was found. But by that time the person suspected of murdering her was apparently already an open secret. Solider Y said that what happened had been a cover-up by the army's seniors. He said that he told the "proper people," and that all the "senior command that were there." He went to seniors who should have dealt with it, but he got called a liar.

Soldier Y said that he would talk to the police and go on record and say he did it. He added, "If it was to go to court, I’ll stand up and say he f***ing did it." Soldier Z said that he heard a senior officer referring to the alleged murderer as “the one that killed the prostitute in Kenya," and added that the murder “appeared to get covered up from the very start."

The woman, who had a child, was “murdered by British soldiers," a Kenyan coroner had ruled.

Solider X, who is married and lives in an English town, denied any involvement in the murder. He said that he was not surprised because there were rumors in his battalion, and that if people spoke to men in his battalion they would say that, but it was a rumor. He claimed that there was a rumor going around for a long time, which was "borderline bullying. But there’s nothing you can do when you’re in the military."

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