After all the speculation about Shannon de Lima and Marc Anthony’s breakup, the Venezuelan Model finally reappeared on her Instagram, this time kissing “her most precious gift and beloved man,” as she claims on the post. 

There haven't been any other news about the model after Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez kissed during their performance at the Latin Grammy Awards 2016. Fans were very disappointed to see no post or comment on Shanon’s account, until now, that she posted a video kissing her 9-year-old son Daniel Alejandro.

On the recent video she shares the comment: “With my beautiful little man, I adore him,” while you can see Daniel kissing her mother with so much love. The post called everyone's attention immediately, just seconds after it was published, and the comments haven't stopped since. Her followers supported her and expressed all of their feelings about JLo and Marc, of course, as we were anticipating.

This is not the first time Shannon expresses her love for her son. Weeks before the Latin Grammys, she posted a photo with him celebrating his birthday and saying he was the most precious human being for her. “Happy Birthday my baby, How can I start? You are my best creation. My accomplishment. You are the most precious thing I have in the world. Nine years have passed by in a blink of an eye…” She wrote.

Shannon’s son has been a great support for the model after her separation from Marc. Now after this post, everyone is waiting for the model to come out and talk about her upcoming projects and life, and of course to clarify what really caused their relationship to end.