The great white shark is probably the world's most feared animal. creative commons

A 15-year-old Texas boy is recovering in a Houston hospital after being attacked by a shark on June 17. The boy's name was not released but details of the attack were reported to the media.

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While with his church group the 15-year-old was relaxing in waist deep water when he was attacked by a shark. It is unclear what species of shark attacked the boy. The teenager was first bitten on the leg and then began to fight and punch the shark in an attempt to stop the attack.

As a result of trying to pry the shark's mouth off his leg the teen sustained injuries to his hands. Members of the boy's church group saw their friend struggling and rushed to help him. When the attack was over the boy was airlifted to a hospital.

A local ABC News crew was at the scene the shark attack in Texas and spoke with EMT Zuandra Monnat, who helped get the bot to the hospital.

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"I hope this teenager grows up to be a cop and gets my back," the EMT said. "He fought off this shark. It bit his leg and he literally tore this shark off of him and that's how he got the lacerations on his hands."

Monnat also told ABC, "Initially, I saw a boy who was brought onto the beach. As far as his injury goes, he was bitten on the leg. He had multiple lacerations on his hand. We bandaged that up using a multi trauma, which is basically a very big, large bandaid and we got him over to Life Flight as quick as we could."

According to local authorities via ABC News there has not been a shark attack in Surfside for at least two decades.

Ever since the book and subsequent movie "Jaws" was released people have either been terrified of or fascinated by sharks. To some they are the world's most dangerous creature an animal whose only function is to swim and eat and attack humans. To others the shark is a beautiful and misunderstood creature in need of man's protection not fear.

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As the old saying goes, "they're more afraid of us than we are of them." However there are some sharks that are more aggressive and as a result more dangerous than others. Animal Planet came up with a list of the 10 most dangerous sharks.

Coming in at number 10 is the Oceanic Whitetip Shark Animal Planet says there are seven unprovoked attacks and two fatalities on record with this shark.

Number five is the Requiem Shark. A major threat to spear fishermen these sharks can exhibit aggressive behavior before they attack, such as thrashing their heads and snapping their jaws.

The number one shark on the Animal Planet list is old Bruce himself, jaws the Great White Shark. This shark holds the record for the most unprovoked attacks on humans and the most fatalities. But the author of Jaws Peter Benchley said he would not be able to write a book depicting the great white as a mindless killer today after learning so much about the intelligence of the creature he helped demonize.

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