Shark Week 2013 Schedule Day 3: Tuesday Night, Actor Paul Walker Risks Life In 'Spawn Of Jaws' [VIDEO]

Shark Week
The Great White Shark creative commons

We have entered day 3 of Shark Week 2013 and Discovery Channel is giving viewers another day jam packed with sharks before premiering four new Shark Week specials beginning at 8pm.

Tonight at 8PM ET tune into the Discovery Channel for "Return of Jaws: Sharktweeto." This special will be a rebroadcast from the previous night with special bonus clips and behind the scenes footage. It will also feature a segment of live tweets and question from Shark Week fans.

Following "Return of Jaws: Sharktweeto" at 9PM will be "I Escaped Jaws." This 60-miniute special will show actual footage of shark attacks, while hearing the amazing story of those who have survived an encounter with a shark.

At 10PM Discovery Channel will air "Spawn of Jaws." In this feature "Fast and Furious" star Paul Walker will join up with scientist Michael Domeier. Together the pair will attempt to uncover one of the most sought after sightings in the shark world, locating a Great White's birthing place. No one has ever witnessed a Great White shark giving birth, will Domeier and Walker be the firsts?

At 11PM an all new "Shark After Dark LIVE" with host Josh Wolf will have some extra special sharkey guests. From "Sharknado" Tara Reid will join Josh and hopefully put the rumors surrounding her part in the sequel to rest.

Before the all-new specials begin at 8PM on Discovery Channel, the Shark Week all day marathon will begin at 9am. Check out a complete list of what's in store for Shark Week fans today! All times are ET/PT.

9AM "Prehistoric Sharks." Learn what kind of sharks prowled the seas when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. This mega shark was the size of a grey hound bus and according to Discovery Channel "believed to weigh 20 times more than a Great White today."

10AM "Deadly Stripes: Tiger Sharks." One of the most dangerous predators in the ocean, the Tiger Shark is infamous for its attacks on people. Unlike its cousin the Great White, a Tiger Shark has been known to consume some of the people it attacks.

11AM "Jaws of the Pacific." Scientists hope to track great Whites as they travel across the ocean. By tagging these sharks scientists hope to learn all they can about the life cycle of the Great White Shark.

12PM "Shark Attack Survival Guide." Join your host Terry Schappert as he puts his military training to the test. The former Special Forces Operative wants to educate viewers on how to survive a shark attack.

1PM "Shark After Dark Live." Check out a repeat of last night's episode with host Josh Wolf and "Lord of the Rings" star Dominic Monaghan.

2PM "How Not To Become Shark Bait." The Discovery Channel programming guide says, "A team of amateur shark enthusiasts travel to the Bahamas to swim with sharks and test just how hard it is to be bitten by a shark...or is it? Tiger sharks, lemon sharks, and Caribbean Reef sharks appear for the experiments."

3PM "Great White Appetite." What does one of the most feared creatures on the planet like to eat? Find out what makes this elusive animal tick.

4PM "Shark Bites: Adventures In Shark Week." Craig Ferguson, Host of "The Late, Late Show" jumps into shark infested waters and gets the surprise of a lifetime.

5PM "Jaws Comes Home" is the story of a Great White Shark located in the same waters that played host to the classic film about a man-eating killer shark.

6PM "Shark Fight" tells the story of six truly extreme shark attacks all caught on camera.

7PM "How Jaws Changed The World." Learn how the hit summer film of 1975 changed people's attitudes about sharks and led to mass killings of the animal.

The from 8PM to 12AM tune in for all new Shark Week 2013 programming!

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