Shawn Mendes may be a crowd-puller, all thanks to his best-selling music. But the Canadian pop star was schooled by users from world over for a seemingly harmless yet prideful act.

Throwing in a bit of context, Mendes recently landed in Malaysia as part of his South-East Asian tour. The event took place on Saturday at Axiata Arena.

Unlike most celebs who usually move around with an army of security personnel, Mendes was spotted enjoying his peace and quiet while shopping at a place that resembles KLCC. Mendes had his EarPods on and was engrossed in his phone as he descended down an escalator.

Things seemed cool until a fan realized that Mendes was around. In no time, the guy, who clearly couldn’t contain his excitement, did as he pleased.

He stretched his phone out and tried to take a selfie with the pop star without seeking his permission. He stood at a close proximity to the mega artist, with his phone outstretched, just to take a selfie.

Mendes was equally smart and moved away in the nick of time. Fast forward to now, the internet is divided in terms of opinion. Some fans have called him out for being “prideful” and claimed that his act smirks of arrogance.

“He should expect that, life as a celebrity,” said JoeK, a user. “That's why Cristiano Ronaldo will forever be the best, he never turns down his fan,” he added.

Another user of the forum was quick to express his angst too. “Whenever I hear his voice on radio, I will straightly change channel,” said Cringe. “Never like his voice at all. So annoying. And local radio station keep playing Senorita song non-stop. Hell.”

However, several others stand by Mendes’ actions and feel that he too has a right to privacy, irrespective of his celeb status. Mendes had his EarPods on and seemed to be at ease after all.

“Rude and dangerous to try take selfie like that,” said Imp Bron. “Imagine if he allow that and everyone start to do the same to him,” Bron added.

Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes in an all-black outfit at the Billboard Music Awards 2016 Red Carpet. Getty Images