Shawn Mendes has recently joined a list of celebrities, which include Selena Gomez, Johnny Depp, Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson, David Beckham and Jennifer Lawrence, who have opened up about their private battles against a condition other people would rather keep to themselves. Yes, they may be the famous, powerful, rich, talented and confident of themselves, but they’re all batting anxiety, a mental disorder that does not discriminate and may affect anyone regardless of wealth or social status.

Mendes revealed that he initially dreaded disclosing his battle with anxiety to the public. “Talking about the problem, putting it out there, was one of the scariest but most important things I’ve ever done,” the Canadian singer told People.

Yet he believes it’s probably the most important step he made in dealing with his condition. “Just doing that helped me the most,” Mendes added. “I still struggle with it but just remember every day that everyone deals with some level of anxiety or pressure; we’re all in it together.”

Mendes likewise revealed a simple activity that has helped him deal with anxiety — hanging out with his close friends and family. “I still go back to Toronto and hang with my friends from growing up, and my family has also been so supportive,” the artist added.

Sadly, Mendes is not the only popular celebrity who’s battling some form of anxiety disorder. For instance, Johnny Depp, who became hugely popular as Jack Sparrow in the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” franchise, is battling with panic disorder, which would force him to stay at home.

“I don't go out very much,” Depp admitted. “I stay at home a lot. Or when you go out to eat, you know, you've got to — it becomes a strategic sort of plan.”

Singer-actress Selena Gomez also opened up about her struggles with depression and anxiety, which is probably an offshoot of her other medical condition — lupus, where antibodies turn rogue and attack healthy cells. The Johns Hopkins Lupus Center said that a third of people with lupus suffer from anxiety and depression as well.

There are a number of treatment options for people with anxiety. Emma Stone decided to see a therapist to help her manage panic attacks, Howie Mandell opted to try out cognitive behavioral therapy (OCD), while Jennifer Lawrence was prescribed anti-anxiety pills. And, as what Mendes has shown, keeping connections with a supportive group of friends and family can be a form of therapy as well.

Shawn Mendes Despite his soaring popularity, Shawn Mendes has managed to remain grounded and would take time interacting with fans. Shawn Mendes