A villain from the DC comics popped up over the course of “Shazam!” and his surprise presence might have been a foreshadowing of something big and bad. The film’s midcredit scene showed the main antagonist, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, locked away behind bars when an evil-talking worm suddenly wriggled into his cell, telling the defeated villain that they needed to work together. This worm was Mister Mind, the super-intelligent wicked worm from the comics.

In “Shazam!” one scene showed Shazam imprisoned, sapped of the powers bestowed upon him by the now-defeated Seven Deadly Sins. Inside his cell, he wildly scribbled a series of magic symbols on the walls, hoping to open a portal to the wizard’s realm. He failed in his attempt. But just when he was about to lose hope, it dawned on him that he could pull off another plan — this time with the help of Mister Mind.

As it turned out, Mister Mind had just been hanging around all along. When Wizard Shazam transported a young Sivana to his unearthly lair, the caterpillar-like creature in the glass jar was the evil worm. The jar where he was trapped in reappeared in the scene where Billy Batson went into the cave. However, it was already empty — an indication that Mister Mind had already escaped. Later on, viewers learned that through air ducts, the evil worm found its way to Sivana’s cell to ask him to work with him, declaring: “the Seven Realms are gonna be ours!”

In the comics, the Seven Realms refer to the multiple magical realms that exist in Shazam’s reality. In the movie, only Billy’s realm has been revealed so far — the Earth — so it’s interesting to know who the six others are to occupy the six remaining seats on the ancient wizard’s council. These remaining Champions will safeguard the other realms, just as Billy safeguards the Earth. With Mister Mind telling Sivana in the midcredit scene that the Seven Realms are going to be theirs, it is possible that Sivana’s incarceration wasn’t the end of Shazam’s ordeals.

Is there going to be a “Shazam 2” where Sivana and Mister Mind are the major villains? Is it going to reveal what the six other realms are? Fans have yet to find out.

'Shazam!' Actor Zachary Levi arrives for the world premiere of 'Shazam!' at the TCL Chinese theatre on March 28, 2019, in Hollywood. VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images