An Israeli military raid on a Palestinian refugee camp on Wednesday left four people dead and at least 44 others wounded, as Israel continues its raids into the Israel-occupied West Bank on what is being called “the deadliest year for Palestinians” on record.

The raid, led by Israel Defense Forces (IDF), was conducted at a Jenin refugee camp on the West Bank. The forces that entered the camp had shot and killed two Palestinians that they claim were involved in a recent shooting, before two more were killed during a gunfight after a bomb went off on one of the houses in the camp, according to PBS News Hour.

Over 44 others in the camp were wounded, as Israeli forces continue their nightly raids into the occupied West Bank as a way of deterring Palestinian armed forces from becoming more organized, something that had begun this spring and has yielded over 150 dead Palestinians this year so far, al-Jazeera reported.

The nightly raids, called “Breaking the Wave” by the IDF, were started due to a series of attacks by Palestinian militants that left over 20 Israelis and foreigners dead, pushing the Israeli government towards retaliation and prevention of future attacks from the occupied Palestinian territories, CNN reported.

“This was the bloodiest day this year,” Jamal Huweil, a member of the ruling Fatwa party, said. “People are killed, wounded. There’s destruction. Every time (Israeli forces) come into the Jenin camp, our resistance becomes stronger and stronger.”

One of the people killed in the raid has been identified publicly as 24-year-old Palestinian Intelligence Officer Ahmed Alawneh, whose body was photographed to have been desecrated, reportedly by an Israeli soldier.

Though the IDF and the Israeli government insist that they have only attacked militants and insurgent Palestinian fighters, civilians have also been caught in the crossfire of the attacks. Among those civilians is al-Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh, who may have been shot by an IDF soldier.

“[The] Israeli occupation continues to play with the lives of our Palestinian people, and is tampering with security and stability by continuing its policy of escalation,” Nabil Abu Rudeineh, the Palestinian Authority spokesperson, said.

Israeli forces raided a Palestinian refugee camp in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, killing four Palestinians and wounding 44 in the continuation of what's known as "the deadliest year for Palestinians" on record. This is a representational image. Ahmed Abu Hameeda/Unsplash.

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