The Venezuelan rapper's ex manager admitted to murdering him Twitter

In a shocking turn of events, it was revealed on Tuesday that famous Venezuelan rapper Canserbero was murdered by his former manager, Natalia Améstica, almost nine years ago.

The confession was published by Venezuelan authorities, who filmed both Améstica and her brother Guillermo detailing the commission of the crime.

In a video published by Venezuela's prosecutor's office, Améstica said she put narcotics in two tea cups she later gave Canserbero and his husband Carlos Molnar before stabbing the rapper in the neck and the back. She added that Molnar saw the scene but fell asleep as a result of the drugs before being able to react.

After stabbing Molnar too, Améstica called her brother, Guillermo, to plead for help. He arrived along with Venezuelan intelligence agents (from the intelligence agency Sebin) and manipulated the scene so it would look like a murder-homicide, a decision that involved throwing Canserbero off the window.

That had been the hypothesis during the past nine years: that Canserbero had murdered Molnar, bass player of Zion TPL reggae band, and then committed suicide by jumping off a 10th floor.

However, the account had been criticized due to unclear circumstances and wounds that did not match the description of the events that took place on January 20, 2015. The case was reopened by Venezuelan prosecutor general Tarek William Saab earlier this year and it's now been discarded following Améstica's recount.

"My brother then leaves the apartment because he can't be there. I get changed, play the part and ask the neighbors for help. Then the CICPC (Scientific, Criminal and Criminalistic Investigation Service Corps) shows up but my brother offers them $10,000 to finish fixing up the scene that the Sebin officials had already left almost done," she added in the video.

And she finished: "That meant I needed to step on blood on the floor and make footprints moving to the window. I then fled the country and left for Chile, terrified, thinking the truth would come out. In March, the ombudsman reopened the case but I was confident that the prosecutor's office and the CICPC said it was a murder-homicide. That's why I came back to testify in the case."

Venezuela's prosecutor general celebrated the news, saying "justice has been done." "I want to compare this case with the murder of the great Tupac Shakur, a genius American musician who was murdered in 1996," Williams Saab said.

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