Snapchat now lets users move stickers in their videos. Shutterstock/tanuha2001

A new update has hit the fun messaging app, Snapchat, which now lets Android users attach emoji to specific objects in their videos, reports The Verge.

One of Snapchat's most fascinating features, aside from the popular video filters, is the ability to add text, emoji and colorful scribbles to your photos. Before, these stickers would sit on the screen idly, but now users can move them in tandem with any object or person in the frame.

Using the feature is simple, first users will need to shoot their video and then while reviewing it they'll be able to add some colorful emoji and pair them with specific parts of the recording. Snapchat then handles the rest, making the stickers move, rotate or even change size.

According to Engadget, the feature will first roll out to Android users and then head to the iOS. While not a significant update, the feature does give the communications app personality, allowing for users to express themselves in any way they'd like.

Today's update follows a complete redesign of the app's Chat feature, which hit the app last month. The redesign update added more than 200 stickers, which is similar to the Facebook Messenger. The update also now lets users more easily start video calls with other users.

Furthermore, users no longer have to hold down their thumb to keep the calls going. Pics and videos can now be sent through the Chat feature and shared during a video call. And users can now leave a video voicemail if their friends happen to miss their incoming call.

The update also changed how users view Stories. Instead of manually advancing through their friends or followers story updates, the app now automatically pushes users through all their friends' Stories. Both iOS and Android users have received these updates.

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