Snapchat face-swap filter now uses your personal photos. Shutterstock/focal point

As soon as it has arrived, it is gone. Snapchat has removed its popular vomiting face and it's scary demonic face. According to TechRadar, the robot effect has also been removed from the app, leaving "crying face, mustache man, gossip mag, angry face, slapped face, scared face and heart eyes" as the available options.

A Snapchat representative told IGN the Lenses disappear from the end of the queue as new lenses are added, meaning the missing ones were simply shoved out by newer Lenses. When asked if the Rainbow Lens would be returning, we were told "You'll have to wait and see," which sounds hopeful to us.

The Lenses only arrived last week in a big update for the unique messaging app, which makes the barf rainbows, make your face look demonic or have an awesome robot effect was incredibly short lived. If you were one of the few people that didn't get a chance to use the feature check it out in the videos below:

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