NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden has reportedly accepted Venezuela's asylum offer. A Russian official, who serves as the parliament's foreign affairs committee confirms that Snowden has accepted Venezuela's offer of political asylum.

Alexei Pushkov revealed the accepted asylum offer via his personal Twitter account. While the message did not yet clarify exactly how Pushkov learned of the purposed asylum offer for Snowden, and while the message is written in Russian, Anthony De Rosa, editor-in-chief at Circa offered an English translation of the original tweet, "As might be expected, Snowden has agreed to the proposal of politician Maduro. Apparently, this option seemed the most reliable."

Snowden, who infamously revealed details of a U.S. intelligence program which monitored Internet activity, came to Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport on June 23, he was originally believed to be heading to Cuba but did not board a flight. Now, Snowden has agreed to accept Venezuela’s asylum offer.


UPDATE: After posting the initial tweet regarding Snowden's acceotance of Venezuela's aslym offer, Pushkov quickly removed it.