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Recipients are set to get more money from social security Essinger

Social security recipients could see an increase in payments received, and more could qualify to start receiving them, as a result of new rules set to be implemented by the administration. The changes are set to go into effect on September 30.

According to CNBC, the changes impact Supplementary Security Income (SSI), which sends more than 7 million Americans monthly checks.

Seniors aged 65 or older, adults and children who are disabled or blind and have little or no income resources are reached by the program.

"We already know that the benefit amounts that are available to people receiving SSI are incredibly low," said Lydia Brown, director of public policy at the National Disability Institute. "They're not as high as perhaps they could be to fully account for the needs that people have," she added.

At the moment, the maximum SSI amount is $943 per eligible person and $1,415 for eligible person and spouse.

The updated changes will expand the definition of public-assistance households to include those receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and "those where not all members receive public assistance," CNBC explained.

The change means more people could qualify for SSI and current beneficiaries could see higher payments. Moreover, people who live in public-assistance households could have fewer reporting requirements.

"By simplifying our policies and including an additional program geared towards low-income families, such as the SNAP, we are removing significant barriers to accessing SSI," Social Security Commissioner Martin O'Malley said in a statement. "These changes promote greater equity in our programs."

The agency estimates that the new rule could impact some 277,000 SSI recipients, 4% of the total.

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