Beautiful blond bombshell Sofia Vergara has been taking some criticism from fans after posting a photo of herself looking "too skinny" on her social media sites. The "Modern Family" star is known for her big voice and vivacious curves. The 41-year-old actress posted the photo of herself standing with her "Mini Me" showing off her long legs and slim figure. The Colombian beauty is normally praised for her exquisite face and figure, but one of her followers left a comment on her picture saying "You're too skinny."

Sofia Vergara has 5.5 million followers on Twitter and a number of them left her tweets saying she needs her curvy figure back. "I mourn the loss of Sofia Vergara's curves. Why so skinny now?" tweeted one of her followers. "Damn, you got too skinny...bring back the curves," posted another. Some of Vergara's fans are taking her weight loss personally. After posting an image showcasing her new series "Killer Women" one fan said Vergara is perpetuating the stereotype of the perfect skinny woman.

"The last thing we need is another show that showcases perfect women in skimpy outfits. Why can't they be regular women? Why do we keep perpetuating these stereotypes on TV," the comment read. This is not the first time Ms. Vergara has taken some criticism regarding her appearance. In 2011, Vergara was promoting Pepsi's new "skinny can" and took heat from fans who said her appearance seems altered. Speaking with the Boston Herald Vergara said there was no digital alterations saying "It was just a different way of dressing me."

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