Sofia Vergara's ex-fiancée has a particular way to fix situations. In 2014, entrepreneur Nick Loeb decided to write an extensive letter -23 paragraphs and four pages long to be exact- in which he suggested, among other things, that the Colombian artist shouldn’t speak in Spanish in his presence.

The never-mentioned-before text came to light on March 21 as part of the evidence presented by Loeb in a Louisiana court, where he took Sofía Vergara to fight trying to bring Emma and Isabella, two embryos that were fertilized with his sperm and Vergara's eggs when they were a couple, to life. 

"…And no I do not like hanging out with you when you speak in Spanish.” Loeb wrote to the Colombian actress. "Not only is it rude and disrespectful, it is classless."

Sofia Vergara Letter Sofía Vergara ex-fiancée Nick Loeb thinks Spanish is "rude", "disrespectful" and "classless." In an extensive letter in which he intended to finish in good terms the situation, the businessman suggested, among other things, that Vergara should not speak her mother tongue in his presence - chico bye! Photo: Nick Loeb / "Exhibit B"

In the letter, the businessman also specified that just as he couldn’t go to strip clubs, neither could Vergara continuing making jokes in Spanish; all these conditions in order to make the love relationship thrive.

According to Loeb, it was an embarrassing and humiliating moment when the "Modern Family" actress used to speak in Spanish in his and other people's presence.

As presented by Univision, the businessman attached the letter as "evidence B" in the lawsuit and he insists that, because of his religious and moral values, the two embryos he fertilized with Vergara on November 26, 2013, are entitled to live and he ensures that he is qualified to maintain them and meet their health and education needs.

However, Sofia Vergara does not agree that these embryos are implanted in a surrogate mother.