"The Sopranos" has just been named the number one best written TV show ever, by the Writers Guild of America. Since the news broke the rumor mill has been turning and spitting out suggestions that a "The Sopranos" movie is in the works.

TMZ caught up with "The Sopranos" star James Gandolfini as he was exiting Madeo Restaurant in Los Angles.

When the TMZ paparazzi asked Gandolfini if he would be reprising his role as mob boss Tony Sopranos in "The Sopranos" movie Gandolfini said only if the writer and creator of "The Sopranos" goes broke.

Paparazzi: Is there ever going to be a "Sopranos" movie?

James Gandolfini: "I don't know. When David Chase is broke."

The paparazzi then asked Gandolfini if he was satisfied with the way "The Sopranos" ended. A question Gandolfini has undoubtedly been asked numerous times since the season finale in 2007. Instead of answering TMZ's question with a straight forward yes or no, Gandolfini made a loud "AHHHHH" sound at the camera, smiled and got in his car.

"That was scary, thank you," the paparazzi replied.

"The Sopranos" ran on HBO for six seasons. The show gained a world wide audience and critical acclaim. The series finale however, had people calling their cable companies to find out what went wrong and why the last part of the episode went black.

This was a moment in TV history that had a collective audience shout "what the F**k" when they realized that there was no problem with the cable and the credits rolled up.

In the final episode of "The Sopranos" Tony and his family believe they have escaped the dangers of a crime war between two mob families.

The Soprano crime family took some major losses with characters ending up murdered in train stores or shot outside the "Bada Bing." Believing the worst of it was over "The Sopranos" head to a diner to enjoy a dinner together as a family.

Tony sits alone waiting for his wife and kids to show up. He plays some music and looks around as diners come in and out of the restaurant. First Carmela then Aj shows and then we watch as Meadow tries and fails to parallel park her car.

Men get up and move around as the family sits and Meadow hurries toward the door, rushing because she is obviously late for dinner. Tony looks up and then...nothing. The screen goes black and it is left up to your imagination. Was it a happily ever after? Or was the diner sitting at the counter a hit man hired to take out the Soprano family?

These are the questions hardcore fans of "The Sopranos" are hoping will be answered in a Sopranos movie.

As far as "The Sopranos" star Gandolfini is concerned the only way "The Sopranos" movie will be made is if writer David Chase burns through the millions he earned from the success of the show.