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Southwest Airlines has now enabled iMessages in-flight starting today at a cost of $2 a day. "Any Apple user that has iOS 5 or later with the iMessage feature pre-loaded on their device can take advantage of this option," Southwest announced on their blog. "Now you can stay powered up and connected to friends and family like you never left the ground." The airline also offers Internet access at a price of $8 a day per device on Wi-Fi enabled aircraft where users can access their e-mail, social networks and VPN access. Southwest limits high bandwidth applications like Netflix, HBO Go and VoIP applications. Fret not as for a limited time, jetsetters will have the option of receiving free live and on-demand television compliments of Dish Network. You can see what devices are compatible with this offer here. RELATED: iPhone 6 Rumors: 6 Features To Expect On Apple’s 2014 Next Generation Mobile Phone

Southwest has a lot of love for Apple and its mobile devices, but what about those on Android? Southwest says, "Don’t worry Android users, we’ll be showing you the LUV soon. Tell us what your favorite Android-based messaging apps are and we’ll ask Santa to make it happen early in 2014!" Android devices don't have a uniform messaging service like iMessage that doubles as a text and data usable service. Other popular messaging services include WhatsApp, who recently updated their app to iOS 7 and take advantage of the new operating system look. The mobile app allows for cross-platform messaging and uses data instead of regular text messaging rates. This not only allows iOS users to message Android users or Windows Phone users, but it also allows for international exchanges without the hefty wireless texting rates.

Southwest Airlines became the first airline to offer gate-to-gate Wi-Fi service allowing passangers to use their electronics durking takeoff and landing. The airline uses a satellite technology that is different from what other airlines offer through the Gogo service. As of now all of Southwest flights don't offer Wi-Fi and only has enabled 435 planes, but you can check their official site to make sure your flight has Internet access. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) became more relaxed with gadgets being used on a flight when it changed its policy to allow devices to be used during the entire flight.

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