CSI: Seville? Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Whoever said that watching too much television can lead to nothing good was just proven wrong. Carmen Moreno, a Spanish park keeper addicted to “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” is making the headlines after helping the local police department with a murder case using skills she learned from the popular CBS show.

Moreno, who has been working at the María Luisa Park in Seville for 28 years, mimicked what she has been watching on TV for all these years and collected the evidence that led to the suspect’s arrest, a man who has been identified by the Spanish media as F.M.S.

“I did everything just like the movies,” the mother of three told La Vanguardia. “So that nothing would get contaminated.” According to the Spanish publication, Moreno stated she was “proud of what she did and how she did it.”

The 46-year-old aggressor was charged with the rape and murder of Sara, a 31-year-old woman whose body was found in the park’s premises last February and believed to have died of an overdose. Moreno’s findings reopened the case and the follow-up autopsy revealed the woman had died of internal injuries caused by brutal sexual assault.

“Behind the bench where she was found there was a pile of bloody tissues and panty liners,” Moreno disclosed. “Normally I carry gloves but I didn’t have any with me. As I’m a big fan of ‘CSI’ I used a bag to pick them up so as not to contaminate them and I put them in another, small white bag which I tied with a knot.”

She continued, “I then put this in a larger bag. It surprised me that the police hadn’t picked them up as there were also bloodstains on the bench.”

The Telegraph reports that Ignacio Cosidó, director general of the National Police corps, admitted that Moreno’s “solid detective work” was pivotal during the investigation.

“If it wasn’t for me, he’d probably still be on the loose,” Moreno said of the attacker, according to the British newspaper.

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