Nothing is more memorable than a good summer jam. That musical theme that had an impact in the society for having catchy refrains, very danceable rhythms, and being the most widespread in the audiovisual media, bars and nightclubs.

According to the experts, the formula of the song of the summer lies in a simple recipe:

  • An easy-to-learn chorus.
  • A simple dance to perform.
  • And of course a melody so catchy that it will not be easy to forget.

The summer is directly associated with vacations, so it is quite common for the songs to allude to beaches, parties, celebration, joy, fashion and of course fun. The season is the perfect time for this kind of songs around the world. For decades, the most popular songs are disputed the title of being the viral theme of the season. The music, podcast, and video streaming service, Spotify shared with Latin Times their data predictions.

Spotify told Latin Times, the service has more than 2 billion playlists, the majority of them created by users. Beyond user-generated playlists, the service touts editorial playlists that help great songs and the artists behind them obtain even more visibility in a crowded field. These featured playlists are curated in-house by leading experts in specific genres, who constantly search for new sounds and use real-time data to determine which songs are being streamed the most by users under specific parameters. 

Aside from their internal curation tools, the music service told us there are charts that they reference constantly to see what's heating up in different markets around the world as well as here in the US (which are public and available here).  

This degree of sophistication as it relates to the curation of genres, artists, and songs, allows Spotify to discover an artist or track with the potential to break on a global scale. These particular songs were selected due to their impressive performance over a certain period of time and/or their growing potential. 

Here are the contenders for 2017's hottest Latin songs of the summer, based on Spotify –and our incessant need to play these tracks on repeat:

  1. "Despacito - Remix" by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber: (more than 400 MM streams) We predict this will remain the anthem of Summer 2017. Fonsi will embark on his "Love & Dance World Tour" in July, which will only further drive streams. Still #1 on the global top 50 chart (the original version is also still on the global chart).
  2. "Felices Los 4" by Maluma:  (more than 118 MM streams) The more romantic yet still rhythmic side of the Colombian superstar never fails to attract a massive audience. Have you tried getting the chorus out of your head? It's nearly impossible... This song is currently in the global top 50 chart.
  3. "Hey DJ" by CNCO featuring Yandel: (over 50 MM streams) After the success of "Reggaeton Lento," the boy band has found a formula that works, this time enlisting the help of the Reggaeton legend.
  4. "Me Rehuso" by Danny Ocean: (over 170 MM streams) One of the most interesting success stories for a newcomer on Spotify, Danny Ocean has truly broken ground for Latin artists on Spotify. After his single was discovered on the Central American viral charts, Spotify’s editors of Latin music began programming the song in local playlists (by country) focused on “Early Bets” and “Moods & Moments.” From a programming perspective, the success of the song at a local level allowed it to graduate to relevant genre playlists and top local hits playlists with a larger reach, eventually making it to Spotify’s top regional and global hits playlists. It will continue to get played at nightclubs all summer. This song is currently in the global top 50 chart.
  5. "Escápate Conmigo" by Wisin featuring Ozuna: (over 80 MM streams) Explosive combination! A primer for what Wisin has up his sleeve for the rest of 2017. This song is currently in the global top 50 chart.
  6. "Ahora Dice" by Chris Jeday featuring J Balvin, Ozuna, Arcángel: (over 77 MM streams) Clean trap is a thing now, and it's working. This song is currently in the global top 50 chart.
  7. "Una Lady Como Tú" by Manuel Turizo: (over 15 MM streams) Colombia continues to export talent at an unprecedented rate. Turizo's vocal tone is unique and it's resonating with audiences globally.
  8. "No Vacancy" - OneRepublic, Sebastián Yatra: (over 3 MM streams) Yatra is one of Latin music's fastest rising stars and the success of his recent singles prove he's got what it takes to make it in the streaming era. This follows the trend we are seeing of mainstream artists collaborating with Latin voices.
  9. "Bonita" by J Balvin, Jowell & Randy: (over 6 MM streams) Balvin is the kind of artist who has chemistry with everyone, and this catchy single is proof. This particular track is a wink to old-school perreo party jams.
  10. "Paradinha" by Anitta: (over 8 MM streams) Brazil's buzziest pop star and she's starting to conquer hearts all over the world. You can also hear her on the new Iggy Azalea track "Switch." You'll be seeing a lot more of her in 2017.

You can find these songs and more on Spotify’s Viva Latino playlist and enjoy free access to Spotify’s catalog of over 30 million tracks, on your mobile device, computer or tablet. As much music as you want, for as long as you want it!