The streaming music giant Spotify is getting into the world of video and offering subscribers 12 new original series that will focus on music and its relationship with communities, reports Polygon.

These 12 series will be vastly different while still focusing on the world of music. Some will focus on interviews with different artist in a variety of venues around the world, while others will include live performances from the Spotify office. And others like "Drawn & Recorded" features narration from T-Bone Burnett and animation from Drew Christie with each episode discussing anecdotes from music history. 

The names of these 12 original video series include: "Rush Hour," "Landmark," "Drawn & Recorded," "Life in Short," "Trading Playlists," "Singles," "Rhymes & Misdemeanors," "Ultimate/Ultimate," "Generations," "Public Spaces," "Flash Frame" and "Focus On..." To see the descriptions to all these original programs head over to Variety.

This new launch of original series comes after the company hired Tom Calderone, the former VH1 president, back in March to be the global head of content partnerships. Calderone spoke of the new video series saying the Spotify audience wants to know more about the lives of an artist and these programs will give them just that. Calderone said: 

"We are working with artists, producers and partners who understand that the Spotify audience has a strong connection to artists and wants to go deeper into their worlds, see their performances and expressions, and hear their stories."

To start, these Spotify original programs will be available in the U.S., U.K., Sweden and Germany to all users on iOS and Android devices. The series will be made available to both those users who use the basic, ad-based service and Spotify Premium, but there's no word yet on when they will premiere. 

This is a huge move for the streaming service, which boast over 75 million active users, reports Expanded Ramblings. If these video series launch to good reception from users we are sure to see other services like Tidal and Apple Music offering original video content in the future.