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The ranking of the world's most listened podcasts on Spotify was led for the fourth consecutive time by The Joe Rogan Experience, followed by Call Her Daddy -in second place for the second year in a row-, and Huberman Lab in third. All of them are projects produced in the U.S.

However, the wider list of the top 25 titles in this year's Spotify Wrapped features five noteworthy productions crafted by Latinos. Among the podcasts in Spanish that made the ranks are three from Mexico, one from Chile, one from Argentina and one from Spain.

The list of top podcasts ranks shows is based on unique users who engage with at least two minutes of an episode. Additionally, it consolidates audiences for podcasts that have been translated into different languages.

Top Podcasts Globally in 2023 by Spotify
Top Podcasts Globally in 2023 by Spotify. Spotify

Spotify's podcast business has been operating at a financial loss, but the company anticipates that podcasts could attain potential gross margins ranging from 40% to 50% in the coming five years. This projection surpasses its 30%-35% gross margin target for music.

"Podcasts are the perfect format for audiences and fans to engage in cultural moments due to a few key factors," says Lizzy Hale, Head of Podcast Editorial at Spotify. "Many of the best podcast hosts are journalists or experts themselves. They are the ones reporting on these stories, and in the podcast format, they can bring their stories to life."

Spotify Wrapped 2023: Top Five Latino Podcasts Globally

#6 Relatos de la Noche (Night Tales) - México

'Relatos de la noche' on the Spotify Top Podcasts 2023
'Relatos de la noche' is on the 25 Spotify Top Podcasts 2023. Spotify

The story of Uriel Reyes shows once again that every crisis can become an opportunity to succeed. In 2023, his podcast, Relatos de la Noche (Night Tales, in English), has climbed to #1 in México and #6 among global podcasts. The idea for this terror/fiction podcast began when he was unemployed after finishing his degree in Communications at the Autonomous University of Baja California, in Tijuana, Mexico.

"I discovered a horror genre called creepypastas, in which people write horror stories in forums and someone else takes over the story, or the characters, to continue developing these stories and end up creating urban legends because people do not know where they come from," says Uriel Reyes in an interview with Forbes.

It was the initial seed for the podcast that continues the tradition of some classic horror stories of México and Latin America, such as "El Chupacabras" or "La Ouija", combined with tales from his audience. "The scariest night I ever spent as a paramedic" or "three frightening experiences with witches" are among those last episodes. It's a must for horror fans.

#12 Caso 63 (Case 63) - Chile

´Caso 63´ on the Spotify Top Podcasts 2023
´Caso 63´ on the Spotify Top Podcasts 2023 Spotify

Science fiction, pandemics, travel between timelines, and the mysteries of the human mind are some of the elements that have captured the audience of Caso 63 (Case 63, in English), a Netflix original podcast written by Chilean author Juli and starred in the original language by the Mexican actress Ana Valeria Becerril, has conquered fans all over the world, not just fans of podcasts in Spanish.

Season Two of Case 63 transports us back to 2012 where Eliza Beatrix Knight (Julianne Moore, in English version) wakes confused and naked in a bathroom at JFK airport, having failed her mission. Taken to a hospital, she is treated by Dr. Vincent Caldwell (Oscar Isaac)- a resident psychiatrist with a familiar voice.

With chapters of over 15 minutes, this audio-series is a fascinating fiction that started from a personal experience of Rojas, he explained in an interview with Mundo Películas: "I was doing emergency shifts and one night a naked guy came to the emergency room saying that the end of the world was coming. He was having a psychotic break, but his speech was very coherent".

The first season of Caso 63, consisting of ten chapters, starred Chilean actors Antonia Zegers and Néstor Cantillana. He depicts a patient who claims to know that the end of the world is coming in 2062 and needs to prevent the outbreak of a pandemic.

#13 Psicología al Desnudo - Argentina

'Psicología al desnudo' in the Spotify Top Podcasts 2023
'Psicología al desnudo' in the Spotify Top Podcasts 2023. Spotify

"Emotional management is the key to a meaningful life, and the power to learn it is in your hands! Join Clinical Psychologist Marina Mammoliti as we delve into the depths of the mind on 'Psicología al desnudo' (Psychology Exposed, in English), the #1 podcast in mental health," reads the description of this program .

Mammoliti began in 2020, while Argentina was under a strict lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Argentine psychologist found that many patients and followers on her Instagram account were experiencing similar problems and anxieties.

She started in a very makeshift way, recording with a pair of headphones, the microphone of her cellphone, and surrounded by pillows to isolate noise. Now, she lives in Spain and has released hundreds of episodes that address various topics, such as migratory grief, singleness, ghosting, and procrastination, among many others.

#22 La Cotorrisa - Mexico

'La Cotorrisa' on the Spotify 25 Top Podcasts 2023
'La Cotorrisa' on the Spotify 25 Top Podcasts 2023. Spotify

La Cotorrisa is a podcast in which the Mexican comedians José Luis Slobotzky y Ricardo Pérez Becerra talk about their own anecdotes or those that they receive from their audience. Some episodes are produced just by these hosts, and others have special guests, such as the celebrities Franco Escamilla or Luisito Comunica.

The topics are truly varied: strange news, curious facts, hilarious anecdotes, and a moment to unwind at the end of the week. Both hosts use to express that "honesty and transparency" are their main principles while producing the show.

It is a highly recommended alternative for those seeking over 55 minutes of laughter and a great time with these acclaimed stand-up comedians.

#23 Se regalan dudas - Mexico

"Se regalan dudas" podcast
"Se regalan dudas" podcast by Leticia Sahagún y Ashley Frangie. spotify capture

Mexican hosts Leticia Sahagún y Ashley Frangie were born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where they became close friends. One of the things they used to share was their passion for podcasts, but most of the programs they listened to were in English. One day they decided to change that and they bought a set of microphones for 30 dollars.

One of the key findings of these friends was to tackle some taboo issues for their Latin American audience, related to sex, mental health, and love. "Se Regalan Dudas" (Doubts are Given Away, in English) is a podcast that arises from the infinite need to question everything around us," they have expressed.

The podcast is currently listened to in over 137 countries. For Sahagún, it is "crazy" to imagine this. "But it's beautiful to know that the human experience, the topics we discuss, and the doubts we have resonate with anyone who speaks Spanish," she says.

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