Apple Watch will soon debut the world’s first-ever wearable-exclusive role-playing game called “Cosmos Rings.”

On Thursday, Square Enix, the renowned Japanese video game developer, launched a teaser website for the upcoming game, according to CNET

On the teaser website, a large drawn hand could be seen wearing an Apple Watch, which shows a silhouette of a tiny swordsman that appears to be getting sucked into an energy field. 

Just above the drawn hand is the title of the game, “Cosmos Rings,” overlaying a sketch of a female character holding a ball of flame in her right hand. 

Below the drawn hand is a large “Coming Soon” sign that is followed by “RPG for Apple Watch.”

At the bottom of the teaser is a small black table that lists the general details of the upcoming Square Enix game, such as its RPG genre and the only platforms where it would be available—the App Store and the Watch App Store. 

Based on the teaser website, it is clear that Square Enix will only launch “Cosmos Rings” on Apple Watch and not on Android Wear devices. 

Because of the small screen of the Apple Watch, consumers should not expect for the video game to be graphically intense. Still, Square Enix has promised beautiful graphics with a mix of dot-art, so that is what consumers can look forward to when the game launches in summer 2016, a Siliconera report stated. 

“Chaos Rings” creator Takehiro Ando will produce “Cosmos Rings,” while Shun Kanbe will co-produce. Yusuke Naora, who is famous for working on several “Final Fantasy” titles as art director, will be in charge of the visuals of the wearable-exclusive game. 

For a large part, the game mechanics would require players to walk around, since game messages will only be unlocked when pedometer goals are achieved. 

A good explanation to the movement requirements is the fact that the game is set on the world of the “Interval of Time” where time has stopped. The mission of the player is to locate the “Goddess of Time” when time resumes, but along the way there will be villains that are personifications of human emotions to face.