Stefanía Fernández, Former Miss Universe, Gagged, Bound And Bloody In Support Of Venezuela [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

Stefanía Fernández
The former Miss Universe protest against violence in Venezuela. Tumblr Stefania Fernández

Stefanía Fernández is well known for her good looks, but this time, the beauty queen is displaying her striking face covered in filth and blood. Fernández, a former Miss Universe from Venezuela, is making a statement, but unlike past campaign it is not for beauty, now she has posed gagged and with bloody tears running down her face. Fernández’s photo does still have a touch of glamour in it; she is sporting a dazzling diamond crown, which is in complete contrast to her tear streaked, bloody and dirty face. 

Fernández‘s shocking photo was taken in order to raise awareness of human rights violations in the South American country and the silencing or “gagging” of major media outlets. The roped wrapped around her mouth allows Fernández to make a powerful political statement, without even uttering a word. Fernández is participating is the Your Voice is Your Power campaign, and as the sole female campaigner, it seems like she may have made the biggest impact.

Daniel Bracci, is the determined the photographer behind the awe-inspiring campaign. Your Voice is Your Power has used modern day techniques to cause the images to go viral. Bracci has harnessed the power of social media, and captioned each of his images with the hashtag #MordazasEnVenezuela (#GaggedInVenezuela) and uploads them to Instagram.

“This campaign started because something directly affected me, when my grandfather passed away because of the hampa (the underworld-like situation) taking place in Venezuela,” Bracci told Informe 21, a Venezeulan news outlet. The images and campaign are actively attempting to shine a spotlight on the oppression experienced by media outlets, while simultaneously speaking out in their support of Venezuela, while it attempts to survive in the midst of gross human rights violations.

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