Two young men have been hospitalized in Mexico with what appears to be radiation sickness. Police have been on the lookout for anyone who might turn up at a hospital with these symptoms after discovering that a truck carrying the radioactive material cobalt-60 was stolen on Monday. The truck was carrying the substance cobalt-60, which is used in hospitals for radiation therapy. The truck was on route from a hospital to a chemical storage facility when it was stolen from a gas station.

On Thursday, the truck and the cobalt-60 were discovered by the authorities. The radioactive material, which the International Atomic Energy Agency referred to as "extremely dangerous" was found in a field in central Mexico. The thieves who authorities believe were more interested in the truck than its cargo removed the cobalt-60 from its protective casing. The pellets did not appear to be broken and no radioactive contamination has been reported in the area.

Erring on the side of caution, classes at the "Marie Curie" preschool across the street from the field where the material was found have been suspended for two days. The school is ironically named for the woman who was a pioneer in the scientific field of radioactivity. At 8pm on Thursday night the two men arrived at Pachuca General Hospital with at least one of the men showing symptoms of radiation poisoning. The two men, ages 16 and 25, were escorted by police upon arrive at the hospital.

One of the men presented with symptoms of nausea and dizziness. The two men are currently under medical observation. Authorities say it will take at least two days to get the cobalt-60 back into its protective container.

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