‘Storage Wars’ Lawsuit Update: Star Dave Hester Refuses To Pay $122K To A&E After Losing Court Case

Dave Hester
Dave Hester was once the star of "Storage Wars" but after claiming the show was staged, Hester was fired. Facebook/ Storage Warrior

"Storage Wars" may not have a new season yet, but that doesn't mean any of the bidding drama has ended. Following an intense legal battle with the producers of the hit reality show, former cast member Dave Hester was ordered to pay A&E Television Network $122,000 in legal fees that the company incurred in the processing of the lawsuit, which Hester initially filed against the network after termination. Despite the court order to pay back the fine, Hester doesn't seem to be in rush to do so. Hester recently revealed that the authenticity of "Storage Wars" may be less ideal than fans of the series had hoped for.The alleged scripting of the reality series, initially led Hester to file a lawsuit against the production company, Original Productions, and the network.

Hester, who became the villain of the series, complete with his own irritating catch phrase claimed that some of the lockers were "stuffed" or staged to make it seem more valuable. The "YUUP!" yelling auctioneer stated that he would be collecting evidence to prove that the show was in fact staged, however before he could bring his evidence to light, Hester was fired despite being one of the show's top earners. This led to Hester's law suit for wrongful termination, and if what he says is true, we are in agreement that his termination was wrongful, although the courts ruled against him and his claims. And after Hester attempted to take A&E for a large sum, the network is now firing back, demanding that he pay his fine for the lost court case.

In court documents filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court on Oct. 16, A&E responded to Hester's refusal to the pay the fee stating, "Plaintiff, however, not only has refused to satisfy that Judgment, he asks the Court to block Defendants' attempts to enforce it, characterizing AETN's [A&E Television Network] rightful enforcement efforts as 'gamesmanship.'" A&E wasn't stopping there, clearly fed up with the back and forth of the "Storage Wars" veteran, the network claimed that Hester is playing games because he simply doesn't want to pay up. "In reality, is it Plaintiff who is playing games, by misinterpreting (and ignoring) the clear law that entitles Defendants to enforce their judgment now. Plaintiff has no valid reason for this Court to intervene in their lawful and proper collection attempts." According to RadarOnline, Hester responded to A&E by filing another order which claims, "the defendants have no right to his assets." "Contrary to what Defendants argue, California law does not plainly provide that court orders awarding attorney's fees are immediately appealable," the court documents state. Point in case, Hester doesn't want to pay A&E.


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