Jenni’s fans can’t wait anymore for the first biopic series about her idol to come out “Su nombre era Dolores, la Jenn que yo conocí.” That’s why Univision has set an special screening of the series days before its premiere this Sunday.

If you live in Los Angeles, you will have the chance to watch the first episode of Jenni Rivera's controversial biopic "Su Nombre Era Dolores," from Monday, January 11 to Saturday, January 14 in selected screening rooms that Univision has made available.  Click on "See Schedule And Dates To Watch First Episode In LA," to see all the places and the times to catch a screening.

The series stars actress Luz Ramos as Jenni Rivera and Javier Díaz Dueñas as her former manager Pete Salgado, who wrote the unauthorized biography that was the inspiration for the biopic; and will also have a talented cast including Lumi Cavazos, Luis Felipe Tovar, María Rojo, Tomas Goros, Rubén Zamora, among others. The series will premiere on Univision this Sunday, January 15.

Jenni Rivera was the most important female figure and top-selling female artist in the Mexican regional music genre. She was known for her outstanding career as the banda and ranchera singer and for her women empowerment songs and thoughts. Jenni died on December 9, 2012 after her plane crashed near Iturbide, Nuevo León, México. 

See all the schedule for the screenings here