Dry shampoo is a savior for people who are on the run and don't have enough hours in the day. Not only does it absorb oil in your hair and make it look fresh, but it also adds volume to your hair, reduces the need to wet wash your hair and in turn, extends the longevity of color-treated hair. What's more, it's the perfect pick-me-up for your hair when you've got day-old hair that has lost its oomph or limp hair caused by humidity and sweat.

When it comes to dry shampoo, the hair industry has a lot of different variations to offer and most of them can set you back $20 to $30. In this context, the dry shampoos offered by grooming brand Suave are a great deal with affordable prices under $5. But when greasy hair is on the line, product performance is more important than the price tag. And it is product performance that sets Suave apart from all its competitors -- whether it be drug store brands or high-end.

Name: Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Weightless Dry Shampoo

Price: $2.87 - $3.49

Where To Buy: Drugstore

Claims: Instantly absorbs oil and refreshes hair, leaving it lightweight between washes. A quick and convenient way to refresh and revive hair without water; provides 24-hour shine.

Verdict: This product does exactly what it promises to do: It absorbs oil immediately, leaving your hair without grease and provides shine. The dry shampoo also manages to create volume, making it ideal for those without thick hair.

How To Use It: Spray the dry shampoo 10 inches away from your hair starting with the oiliest section first. Avoid putting too much product in one spot by moving your hand back and forth. Allow the dry shampoo to sit for a few minutes and brush through your hair -- or use your fingers -- to distribute the product evenly and remove any excess.

Application Tips:

1. One of the biggest 'dry shampoo obstacles' consumers with dark hair face is the dry ashy look created when the light powder mixes with dark hair. The Suave dry shampoo, like every other white powdered dry shampoo, does apply white and blend gray so be sure spend an extra minute rubbing the product into your hair and scalp -- it quickly dissipates if you mix it well.

2. Yes, you can apply dry shampoo instantly, but if you know you're not going to be washing your hair then consider applying dry shampoo in advance. For instance, apply the product the night before, prior to going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, the shampoo will have absorbed any excess oil your scalp secretes throughout the night, leaving you with fresh hair. This method also makes it easier to blend out the chalky residue.

3. It's easy to overlook the front of your head when using dry shampoo, but this is the most important region since it creates instant volume and is the most noticeable when your hair is greasy since it is close to your face. Do not forget to focus on the front portions of your hair.

4. We've mentioned the chalky aftermath of dry shampoo already and to avoid any beauty mishaps, be sure to double check for white residue on your scalp and hair. Don't forget to check the back of your head with a mirror or asking a friend or roommate to spot check.