The Florida Summer Sales Tax Holiday initiative, designed to reduce financial burden on families during the summer, will allow seasonal items to go tax-free for the month of July. Raphaël Biscaldi/Unsplash

During the month of July, Florida families will be able to gather some summer savings thanks to a new bill signed off in early May by Gov. Ron DeSantis. Called the Freedom Month Sales Tax, this tax holiday offers a wide range of tax-exempt items that family members of all ages can enjoy as the weather gets warmer.

The initiative is designed to reduce financial burdens on families during the summer by eliminating sales tax on many seasonal items. Festivities kicked off during Memorial Day Weekend, when all Florida State Parks offered free entry. But as the summer nears, more deals will be available.

"Florida is stepping up to make summer more affordable for families," said DeSantis in a statement. "Florida's smart fiscal policies allow us to reduce taxes and help reduce the burden on Floridians."

Here's what you should know about the sales tax holiday.

What is the Florida Freedom Sales Tax Holiday and what will it cover?

The Freedom Month Sales Tax Holiday will provide tax exemption on a variety of seasonal items.

For instance, the tax holiday includes items like goggles and snorkels priced at $25 or less, pool toys at $35 or less, and coolers, life jackets, and paddles at $75 or less. Larger items such as inflatable water tubes, wakeboards, paddleboards, surfboards, canoes, and kayaks will also be tax-exempt, with specific price limits.

Other items, like boating and water activity supplies, camping supplies and outdoor supplies in a specific price range will also be eligible for tax exemption during the sales tax holiday.

But if your family prefers to do other things over the summer rather than outdoor activities, some events will also fall under the tax exemption category. The Florida summer sales tax holiday will remove the sales tax on admissions to events or performances scheduled to be held between July 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024 on the following events:

  • Live music events
  • Live sporting events
  • Movies to be shown in movie theaters
  • Ballets
  • Plays
  • Fairs
  • Festivals

Similarly, admissions purchased for the following will also be tax exempt during the holiday:

  • Museums, including annual passes
  • State parks, including annual passes
  • Season tickets for ballets, plays, music events, and musical theater performances

For a full list of eligible items, click here.

How long will the Freedom Month Sales Tax Holiday last?

Floridians can enjoy their tax-exempt summer items all throughout July.

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