'Súper Genios' Release Date: UniMás Announces Educational Series Debut

super genios
The original children’s program “Súper Genios” will have its U.S. premiere on the UniMás Network this month. Courtesy Photo

Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD), a global distributor of entertainment content, today announced the debut in the United States of its original children’s program “Súper Genios” [Super Genius], produced strictly under the FCC guidelines for the E/I seal.  The ‘educational and informative’ series, which is part of CMD’s programming proposal for the upcoming L.A. Screenings, will premiere on UniMás this Saturday, May 14, at 10am ET.

“Súper Genios” is produced by Mobius.Lab Productions at Cisneros Studios’ state-of-art facilities in the heart of Miami, Florida, utilizing Getty Images’ unique visual universe, transporting young audiences through the most incredible content, such as: Science & Nature; Insects & Dinosaurs; Wild Animals & Pets; Trivia & Games; Art & Music; Cooking & Meals; and Language & Dialects.

“With ‘Súper Genios,’ we are offering our clients a children’s educational program of the highest quality thanks to Cisneros Studios’ great production capability and our access to Getty Images’ extensive library.  We are excited about the market’s demand for this program, as we are anxious to present it at next week’s L.A. Screenings, particularly because it can be easily adapted to any market and language by simply incorporating local talent,” stated Marcello Coltro, Executive Vice President, Content Distribution of Cisneros Media, who was fast to congratulate the program’s Executive Producers: Miguel Somoza, CMD’s Vice President of Sales, along with Vladimir Pérez, Vice President of Content Development for Cisneros Media.

The variety magazine, which aims to strengthen a child’s basic knowledge of the principal areas of learning in a fun and educational way, is hosted by the lovely Gaby Borges, a young teenager who is sure to become a playmate and friend of all children in the audience.  “Súper Genios” is produced by combining the most innovative virtual scenery with real scenography, expanding the program’s visual spectrum and providing a world exclusively for children.

“Súper Genios” is entertaining and informative, created based on the FCC guidelines for preschool and educational programing to carry the E/I seal, and it’s ideal to satisfy the interests and curiosities of all children.

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