Super Smash Bros.
"Super Smash Bros." for Wii U and 3DS. Donkey Kong Wikia/Screenshot

Several characters have been revealed for "Super Smash Bros." Wii U and 3DS. In a Twitch live stream walkthrough of the 3DS version of the game that was recently released in Japan it was revealed that two more new fighters will be added plus six veteran characters will return.

In Twitch users Hayama's live stream (which is still going on) a number of characters that were leaked previously were revealed including Duck Hunt Dog. Other characters revealed include Dark Pit from "Kid Icarus: Uprising," Dr. Mario, Jigglypuff, Ganondorf, Mr. Game and Watch, Bowser Jr., Ness and Falco. Some of these fighters unlock once you've beaten Classic Mode enough times. Check out the roster below:

"Super Smash Bros"
"Super Smash Bros." 3DS roster. Screenshot/Twitch/Gema_Yue

Fans are still on the lookout for "Metal Gear Solid's" Snake, although some are saying it is unlikely he will appear in the title as no Konami copyright info is in the game credits. Other missing characters are Squirtle and Wolf despite seeing their trophies.

"Super Smash Bros." for 3DS will release Oct. 3, while the Wii U version will arrive later this year around the holiday season.

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