Several leaked new characters are slated to arrive to "Super Smash Bros 4" in an upcoming DLC. Most recently, Nintendo confirmed that Mewtwo and Lucas will be added to the SSB4 roster. What's more, Nintendo as also introduced the Smash Ballot, which allows players to vote for their favorite fighters that they would like to add to the game. However, the most exciting news of all arrived earlier this week when Redditor shinyquagsire23 shared uncovered sound files from "Super Smash Bros 4" That suggest Ryu from "Street Fighter" may be one of the characters to arrive in the next DLC along with the return of legacy character Roy of "Fire Emblem."

The two sound bites are certainly convincing. In fact, one of the files is obviously the Ryu theme from the "Street Fighter 2" soundtrack. That said, we're still awaiting for official confirmation regarding Ryu's introduction to the "Super Smash Bros 4" universe. Although Ryu would be the first "Street Fighter" character to join "Super Smash Bros," Ryu is not the first from Capcom. Instead, Ryu would be joining his Capcom brother Megaman.  

We expect Ryu from "Street Fighter" and Roy from "Fire Emblem" to arrive with the 1.0.6 update, which could arrive as soon as this summer.With the Lucas DLC slated for a June release, be on the look-out for Ryu around August.

As the Capcom representation may increase to two in an upcoming "Super Smash Bros" DLC, we are looking forward to seeing even more Capcom heroes to join the roster. How amazing would it be to see Pikachu take on Blanka, or to see Captain Falcon face off against M. Bison? Stay tuned as we learn more in the months ahead. Check out the two Ryu sound bites in the links below: