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Super Tuesday results are in and the front runners entrenched their leads. Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump won at least 7 states and at least 203 delegates (Alaska was too close to call as of press time). Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won 7 states and secured 453 delegates against rival Bernie Sanders. REUTERS/Scott Audette (L), Javier Galeano (R)

Super Tuesday results were in Thursday night with the exception of Alaska. Republican U.S. presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump edged out Marco Rubio in Virginia, sweeping most of the south with the exception of ultra-conservative Oklahoma and Texas, rival candidate Texas Senator Cruz’s home state. Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dominated against her lone rival Senator Bernie Sanders. Who are the winners and losers of Tuesday’s primaries and caucuses? The triumphs and failures of Super Tuesday fall into three categories: state wins, which show electability in November; total delegates, which directly support candidates in the party’s nomination; and symbolic victories, which were most important for underdog candidates.

Republican Super Tuesday Results

By State

Update: As of press time, Alaska’s Super Tuesday results were not in, and the count indicated a fight between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Around 1am the Associated Press called Alaska for Cruz. This update might affect the delegate count below, slighlty.

(7) Donald Trump: Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia and Vermont

(2) Ted Cruz: Texas, Oklahoma (probably Alaska)

(1) Marco Rubio: Minnesota

Neither neurosurgeon Ben Carson nor Ohio Gov. John Kasich won the majority vote in any state, but they did win some delegates (see below).

By Delegates (1,237 to win)

Donald Trump

203 (Super Tuesday)

285 (Total)

Ted Cruz

132 (Super Tuesday)

149 (Total)

Marco Rubio

71 (Super Tuesday)

87 (Total)

Ben Carson

3 (Super Tuesday)

8 (Total)

John Kasich

19 (Super Tuesday)

25 (Total)

By Symbolic Victory

Donald Trump swept Super Tuesday. He also held Virginia against Marco Rubio, one of the few state where the two candidates were really in competition for a lot of delegates. He’s on track to win the most delegates, and possibly the nomination.

Ted Cruz didn’t surpass expectations, but won two states he wasn't expected to win and defended his home state of Texas ensuring he stays in the race. Likely a winner Winning in Alaska, Cruz caused a major upset. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had endorsed Trump weeks before.

Marco Rubio won Minnesota, preventing an embarrassing shutout. In a fundraising email, the campaign sent a message under Rubio’s name that embraced the label of “underdog,” saying that “a lot of the media had written us off.”

“You know what? That’s fine: I’m happy to be an underdog. We’re a country of underdogs,” the letter said.

Carson and Kasich , meanwhile, have all but given up on winning the nomination through delegates. They pretty much only have a shot if there’s a brokered GOP convention.

Democratic Super Tuesday Results

By State

(7) Hillary Clinton: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia

(4) Bernie Sanders: Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Vermont

By Delegates (2,382 to win)

Hillary Clinton

453 (Super Tuesday)

1001 (Total)

Bernie Sanders

284 (Super Tuesday)

371 (Total)

By Symbolic Victory

Hillary Clinton nearly destroyed Bernie Sanders, particularly by winning Massachusetts , a delegate-heavy state.

Bernie Sanders wasn’t expected to win Minnesota, but he did. There’s still some fight left in him. His supporters are undeterred, and want to fight out the nomination to the end.

“As Bernie has emphasized, primary and caucus votes have been held in only 15 states. Everyone’s voice should be heard on the critical issues being raised by Sanders and by nurses who have been campaigning for him across the country,” said RoseAnn DeMoro, Executive Director of National Nurses United, a pro-Sanders organizing and fundraising group.

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