Latinas in Tech Summit kicked off on May 16 in
Latinas in Tech Summit kicked off on May 16 in San Francisco, California. Latinas in Tech

Over three out of four Latinas are struggling to advance in their careers in the tech industry, stuck in the same entry-level positions for more than a decade, according to a survey by the nonprofit Latinas in Tech.

The results were presented in the Annual Member Report 2023, launched Friday during Latinas in Tech Summit 2024 in San Francisco, California. The document aims to raise awareness about the experiences of Latinas in the tech sector, showing the challenges Latinas face in technology and help pave the way for meaningful change and progress.

A total of 1,303 Latinas from across the organization's community responded to the survey, which was conducted during the first quarter of 2024. The research included participants from the United States (87%), Canada (4%), Mexico (3%), Brazil, the United Kingdom, Spain and other locations, and has a statistical margin of error of 5%.

Among the key findings, the survey found that the vast majority of Latinas in the technology industry are in entry-level jobs (64%).

Among Latinas in those positions, 17% have been in such roles for 10-14 years, and 9% for over 15 years.

"This indicates not just a difficulty in breaking into higher roles but a concerning trend of career stagnation despite substantial experience," the document highlights.

About 56% of those Latinas who asked for a promotion
About 56% of those Latinas who asked for a promotion received one, the survey found. Latinas in Tech

The majority of Latinas (78%), reported not having received any promotions; 17% had received one and 5% also did but without a pay increase.

Interestingly, the survey also found that of those who actively asked for a promotion, 54% received one. Among those who didn't ask, only 39% received one.

"Latinas never raise their hand to say, 'Well, I've been here for two years and I've exceeded my goals and maybe I'd like to discuss a raise.' We are not wired that way," said Rocio van Nierop, CEO of Latinas in Tech, in a previous interview with The Latin Times.

She explained that almost all raises go to people who ask for them and have exceeded their goals, based on her experience and interviews with HR professionals at various tech companies.

In addition, the study looks at job reductions in 2023 and the reemployment of survey respondents. Some 21% of respondents said they would be affected by staff layoffs in 2023, with only 38% of those laid off finding new employment.

"The path to re-employment appears to be challenging for the majority of those affected," the report emphasized.

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