Teen Rapper Taymor McIntyre, more known as Tay-K, is now looking to spend the next 55 years in prison for murder. The rapper, who even sung proudly about his fugitive status after he fled his initial house arrest, has now been sentenced.

The U.S. teen rapper was found guilty, along with six others, for killing Ethan Walker back in July 2016 in Mansfield, Texas. The group allegedly wanted to rob Walker and another man of drugs as well as money, but things went out of hand in the home invasion they carried out. The result was murder, with Walker shot dead even though his hands were up in the air, as testified by his girlfriend. 

Even though his lawyers argued his case and asserted that he was not the one to fire the lethal shot and the rapper testified that his task in the whole crime was to just find drugs to steal, he was still charged with murder and three counts of aggravated robbery. It can be remembered that when he was initially charged with murder in 2016 at 16 years old, he was only placed under house arrest.

However, the rapper did something many could not have imagined let alone execute. In March 2017, he removed his ankle tag and escaped. Instead of staying under the radar, he even took to Twitter to share the grand escape he did.

“F--k dis house arrest s--t … they gn hav 2 catch me,” he wrote, which gained him some notoriety points

Despite this, he was not caught. He was able to make his way North from Texas to Jersey, and even recorded “The Race,” a song depicting his pride for his fugitive status.

“Ain’t beat that case, b---h I did the race,” he sung. The track was immensely successful, reaching even No. 44 in the U.S. charts. The video garnered millions of views on YouTube. On January 2018, the song became certified platinum.

He was ultimately recaptured in June 2017, wherein his charges increased to include two more crimes committed while he was on the run in Texas. Allegedly, he also murdered Mark Saldivar, a 23-year-old man he got into a fight with. Moreover, he was also accused of robbing and then beating an elderly man, Owney Pepe. 

"The Race," definitely a feat since he achieved it while he was on the run, probably ended up making his case worse. During the trial, prosecutors played the video and presented even the song’s lyrics to the court. 

Gun Crime Photo illustration of a crime. Alexas Fotos/ Pixabay