Taylor Chapman has become an internet pariah. Anything associated with her name is instantly bad and she has no one to blame for it but herself.

Chapman, 27, decided to post to a video of herself telling off a Dunkin Donut's employee after she supposedly didn't receive her receipt for her meal the night prior to the video and another Dunkin Donut's employee didn't comp her meal as the company has a promotion that they will do so if a customer is not given their receipt.

If you haven't seen the crazy viral video Chapman goes into a Dunkin Donut's to ultimately talk to the "rude" employee who didn't give her a receipt or free food and ends up throwing out racist and ignorant slurs. Watch the video below.

In Chapman's attempt at citizen journalism she has failed immensely. By posting this video of her getting "justice" she has in turn garnered the title the "Web's Most Hate." And the Internet has spoken she is indeed the most hated person on the Internet as of now.

One Latin Times Reader has taken to his YouTube channel, NamsNoodle, to tell you how he feels about Taylor Chapman.

In his video he gives a recap of the video saying she came in being "arrogant" and if she didn't like the service at Dunkin she should have went to Starbucks to get a cappuccino. Other YouTube followers commented on NamsNoodle's comments saying:

"there is something really wrong with that woman," Said user TheBrainEnema.

Wolfbracker writes, "I hope she gets beat up or worse. People are just working, it's not there fault."

You can watch his reaction video below.


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