When it comes to Hollywood’s A-list couples, the news around and about them is, more often than not, a pointless pile of unsubstantiated news created with the intention to cash in on the excitement and curiosity of their fans.

Same is the case with Taylor Swift and longtime boyfriend, Joe Alwyn who have been together for the past three years, facing their share of fake news about their breakup and this time, their upcoming marriage. 

Known for its overblown stories, Heat came up with the new story of how the singer is planning a “low-key wedding” with Alwyn at a pub as per their “reliable” source. 

“Taylor has decided that she wants a small pub wedding with Joe and just a handful of their friends and family,” the supposed source divulged to the outlet. “While part of her has always wanted a big fairy-tale wedding near her home in Rhode Island, her relationship with Joe has completely changed her views on love, it’s made her think twice about why she wanted a big day like that and who it’s really for.”

And so, “completely changed” that she is as per the source, she decided to go along with getting married in North London pub to agree with Alwyn’s desire of wanting a drama-free wedding. 

“She knows that Joe is much happier away from the spotlight and loves his quiet life in the UK. She knows she’s going to be letting down some of her extended family and a lot of her famous friends because not everyone is going to get an invite to the wedding, but she’s hoping they can do a bigger celebration in the U.S. later instead,” the alleged source shared, adding that Taylor Swift considers London her “escape”.

Apart from the fact that Swift and Alwyn do stay in London for extended periods of time, nothing else is backed by solid proof. When Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to the couple, the bogus story lost whatever little ground it had when it was deemed false as there has been any news of Swift and Alwyn getting engaged. 

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn hold hands as they return home on Sept. 29, 2018, in New York City. Jackson Lee/GC Images