An Indian boy, 14, showed his courageous side by allegedly stopping his 45-year-old neighbor from raping his 6-year-old sister.

The alleged incident took place in the Juhu area in Mumbai on Saturday. Police have already arrested the accused in connection with the case, reported India Today.

As per the police, the siblings were home when they noticed an error in their cable connection. Their parents were out for work.

To get some help, the girl went to the neighbor's house. The girl thought that it was okay to approach him as her parents share a good bond with the accused and his wife. But instead of helping her, the 45-year-old accused allegedly took the girl inside his house and locked the door. Police said that he then started misbehaving with the child. After noticing trouble, she shouted for help. Hearing her scream, her brother reached the house and rescued her.

The siblings later told their parents about the incident. The family then went to the Juhu police station and filed a complaint against their neighbor. Police were quick to take action. Inspector Dattatraya Masvekar didn't wait for the process of filing the FIR to be completed. Instead, he took his team to arrest the man. Cops managed to catch him before he could run away.

Police appreciated the work done by the teen boy to save his sister. Even netizens were impressed by the young boy. "Very brave," one tweeted.

In a separate case, an autorickshaw driver from Navi Mumbai's Belapur village, was appreciated for saving a girl from being raped the second time. Salman Shah was honored by the NRI coastal police in March for saving the 11-year-old girl from a 16-year-old accused, according to The Times of India.

Senior inspector Ravindra Patil said, “On Jan. 31, at around midnight, the accused, a stranger, called the girl outside her society, when her parents were busy at a religious gathering held in their society." He added that the accused took her to an isolated spot behind a petrol pump near CBD railway station and raped her. Patil added that the accused was arrested a month after the incident.

Shah said that the teen boy was with the girl on the streets in the odd hours and the girl looked scared. When he questioned the boy, he panicked and fled. He added that the victim told him that the boy had kidnapped her and raped her. The driver then called the girl’s father with the help of the mobile number she gave him. He informed the girl's dad that his daughter was safe and had been rescued from a kidnapper.

Representational image Photo by Greyerbaby / Pixabay