An Indonesian teen girl sold her father’s motorcycle to buy flight tickets to meet a boy whom she knew from an online game.

The incident came to light after a viral video posted online on Tuesday, June 8, showed the teen crying in the arms of a salesperson in Jambi airport.

According to reports from local media, the teen girl, whose name and exact age is unknown, sold off her father’s motorcycle for 20 million Rupiahs (1400 USD approx.) to buy the flight tickets from Jambi to Jakarta. 

She reportedly bought the tickets to meet a boy whom she knew from the online game, Free Fire.

While she was at the Jambi airport, the teen contacted the boy but to her surprise, he told her that he doesn’t want to meet her. The devastated teen sat on a bench in the airport and began to cry. 

A salesperson by the name of Monik, who saw the girl crying, approached her and asked her what happened. 

The sobbing teen told Monik everything, including how she sold her father’s motorcycle to buy tickets to Jakarta.

"So I saw this teenager was confused about leaving. Then I came and asked, it turned out that she was from Jambi going to Jakarta to meet a male friend who played online games with her," Monik said, reported Detik News.

The girl was adamant about taking the flight to Jakarta, however, someone took a video of the girl crying in the arms of the salesperson and posted it on social media, which was seen by the girl’s family.  

The family members rushed to the airport and stopped her from taking the flight to Jakarta.

"The child still wanted to go, but fortunately after the video went viral, her family came to the airport. And one more thing, when she was at the airport she also met her school teacher. That's why the teenager canceled her trip to Jakarta," said Monik.

Apparently, the staff at the airport had noticed the clueless teen walking alone in the terminal with no guardian with her.

"This airport has rules for the departure of underage passengers. These rules are called under minor, namely flight services provided by the airline for children aged 6-12 years, who are not accompanied by parents or guardians," said the Executive General Manager of the Airport, Agus Supriyanto.

"In the case of the viral teenage girl, the girl is considered not to be included in the under-minor category. It means that it is legal for the child to leave without being accompanied by her parents," Supriyanto added.

Heathrow Airport Representation image. Heathrow Airport/ Twitter