The mother of a 7-year-old girl who was abused and killed in 2021, as well as her teenage son, was arrested on Wednesday on charges of sexual abuse, murder, and manslaughter for the death of the young child.

Julissia Batties, the seven-year-old child, was found dead in August 2021, with her body battered and with signs of sexual abuse. She was reportedly choking already hours before she died, and emergency service had attempted to save her life in vain, according to the New York Daily News.

“Her seven years on Earth for a lifetime of pain, abuse, neglect, and cruelty because of the individual that we’re about to speak about,” District Attorney Darcel Clark said. “A woman and her teenage son caused the death of her innocent, defenseless 7-year-old daughter, Julissia, in their Bronx home. The child was beaten and sexually abused and denied medical attention. This is a revolting, disturbing case of brutality and callousness.”

Her 35-year-old mother Navasia Jones and Jones’s 18-year-old son Paul Fine, Jr. were charged for the death of Batties, with Jones being charged for murder and manslaughter while Fine was additionally charged with sexual abuse after he admitted to police officers that he beat up Batties on the day she died, the New York Post reported. 

Jones has dismissed the claims that she had killed her child, and snapped at reporters outside the precinct she was brought to after being arrested by yelling “I didn’t kill my daughter, bitch” angrily to the press. 

Batties’ grandmother, Yolanda Davis, has had a different reaction to Jones’s arrest. 

“I’m just happy justice is being served for my granddaughter,” Davis said. “She didn’t deserve nothing of what she had gotten.”

Meanwhile, Batties’ father Julius, who was “devastated” at his daughter’s death, is happy regarding the charges that have been brought to his ex and his ex’s child. 

“I’m extremely happy for this arrest. I can finally start the process of healing,” he said. “It took almost a whole year but it’s here and I’m ready for this process to keep going. I want to thank the detective and the DA for their hard work.”

Julissia has been living with her grandmother Yolanda since 2014 after Jones had lost custody of her daughter and her other children due to negligence and physical abuse. In spite of that, Jones was allowed to see Julissia on the weekends.

tito-texidor-iii-4eaDzkHakvg-unsplash A mother and a teenage boy were arrested by police officers on Wednesday for the 2021 murder of the mother's 7-year-old daughter whom they also reportedly sexually abused. This is a representational image. Tito Texidor III/Unsplash.