A 19-year-old teen was shot dead while streaming on Facebook Live. The victim has been identified as Jeremiah Dickey and he was rapping along to Bizzy Banks’ “30” when the incident happened. 

According to People, the shooting occurred at around 6:43 p.m. at Elton Street and New Lots Avenue in Brooklyn. It was said that a call to 911 has been placed and the caller reported a male being shot. Immediately, officers from the New York Police Department were dispatched to the area. 

When the police arrived, they found the teenager on the scene and he was rushed to Brookdale Hospital Medical Center. He got a gunshot wound on his head and doctors pronounced him dead at the hospital. 

At this time, it was reported that the shooter has not been arrested yet. The victim’s sister, Melissa Dickey, stated that they don’t have an idea as to who could have killed her brother. 

“He was a good person. I don’t know what happened,” The New York Daily News quoted her as saying on Wednesday. “I have no idea who did this to him.”

Based on the reports, Jeremiah was on Facebook Love and he was rapping for about 30 seconds when he started looking around. The next thing that the viewers heard was five gunshots then his mobile phone drops and the screen went black. 

There is nothing on the screen but those watching Jeremiah earlier can still hear that the music playing. What made the rap eerie is the fact that there is a line in the lyrics that say, “Head shots cause a whole lot of damage.”

In any case, stunned viewers asked what just happened and they got the answer later when the incident was reported. The video of the said Facebook Live recording somehow made it to YouTube and Jeremiah’s family was devastated for this. 

They are now trying to take it down but it proved to be difficult as many people have copies already. The family’s pain is heightened by the fact that no one was arrested for the shooting.

"I just miss my son," Debra Dickey, Jeremiah's mother, told CNN. "I shouldn't have to be sitting here sobbing while they're still out there running free."

police line crime scene Police cordon at crime scene. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images