The first all-Spanish language telemedicine in the USA opens for Hispanic Heritage Month.
The first all-Spanish language telemedicine in the USA opens for Hispanic Heritage Month. Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash

This year'

s' Hispanic Heritage month takes on advancements in healthcare with the launch of the nation's first all-Spanish language telemedicine service. Michigan is the first territory for

Telemedicina Latina offering immediate medical consults with Michigan based Spanish speaking doctors available from morning to evening daily.

Telemedicina Latina

is operated and owned by US Tele-Medicine, an 11-year-old telemedicine firm. Edith Castillo, the General

Manager explained why Michigan was the first choice for the company. "As with any new undertaking, you always need to identify the true need within the community and because we have to introduce the newness and benefits of this service, the tight Latino population in Michigan is a great starting point."

The Latino community has been ignored in

the advent of

e-health initiatives.

Telemedicina Latina will specifically enable Latinos to express themselves

in a familiar manner to a Hispanic

telehealth doctor. That level of cultural and ethnic understandings between physician and patient is lacking in the Latino community mostly

due to a predominant mistrust of doctors not of Hispanic origin. That sentiment

is fostered by poor experiences based in part by language barriers and prejudicial generalizations of Hispanics.

Telemedicina Latina's reach extends to all members of the community needing healthcare guidance or support without hesitations, judgements or even waiting times. The medical consults

are done by video or phone;

it is all recorded and stored with medical records in a HL-7 EMR (electronic medical record system), also in Spanish.

The company projects opening on October 10th as a tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month, by releasing. Its first

Telanovela. The company produced a series of Spanish language Telanovelas

in a unique bid to market the telemedicine service, gain followers and

provide entertainment to a community hooked on Telanovelas.

Paulina Bednal, a Patient Relations Counsellor said, "This is the first time a medical company has used a

Telnovela for its acceptance in the market. It is our way of showing people that we are, who they are." "

Certainly, no other telemedicine company anywhere in the Latin world has done so prior," she said, "I think it will be very well received, it's

actually fun,

you should see it."

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