Bus accident
A bus accident in Mexico killed two elderly people. Shutterstock

Two elderly people died and two others were injured after being run over by a passenger bus in the community Tequisistlán in Mexico. The couple were in the area to receive social services. According to the deputy director of the municipal police of Tezoyuca, Bartolomé Jiménez, a boy of less than eight years of age caused the accident. The boy got on the bus, which was parked for repair, took off the break and began to go backwards and then crashed against people who were in a line waiting for welfare.

Jimenez explained the bus crash killed two people, 72 and 80 years old, while two of 95 and 62 were injured others and were taken to Guadalupe Victoria hospital. He explained that the bus line Buses Teotihuacan, number 456, plates 596- HS- B, was stationed in Aldama Street, where it was allegedly supposed to be repaired by the child's family. The child was unsupervised and climbed into the bus, removing the break and setting in motion the deadly accident.

The young boy, identified as Gustavo, climbed into the bus and removed the brake, causing the bus to reverse and run over four adults. Two of those seniors died and two others were taken to hospital for medical care. The people who were killed were identified as Trinidad Martinez Chavez, 72, and Teresa Guzman Marquez, 80, while the injured were identified as Felipa Flores Miranda, 95 years, and Michelle Peralta Hernández. There has been no talk of what charges will be pressed.

Image: Shutterstock/Jaromir Chalabala

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