Thalía is back in New York celebrating the release of her new children’s book “Chupie The Binky That Returned Home.” Penguin is the publishing house behind the singer’s new endeavor, known for book series such as Madeline, Peter Rabbit, Winnie-the-Pooh and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. "Chupie" was released on October 31 in bookstores, and Thalía not only wrote the book, but she also created some of the illustrations in this printed work dedicated to her daughter Sabrina. After releasing her newest project, she came to New York City to carry on with the promotion, and what better way to get your material out there than being interviewed by none other than Matt Lauer at NBC’s “Today” show?

The mother of two sat down with the TV personality and explained her inspiration behind her new book came after trying to get rid of her daughter’s pacifier. "I didn't want to see her cry. It was drama... so I started adding two pacifiers in the crib because when she would fall asleep the pacifier would fall out and she would cry. So every 40 minutes you have to go to the crib and put the pacifier back in their mouth. I ended up with 20 pacifiers in the crib and it was crazy."

She continued to describe how she came up with the perfect solution to make her daughter forget about the pacifier, "It was like divine intervention and it was the desperate call of a mother at 3am... The baby was crying, I couldn't find the paci (pacifier) and I took the paci and I was like, 'Do you know why paci's sad? Paci's falling off your lips because paci misses her mommy. Pacifier wants to go home to binky (pacifier) land and she was like, 'Binky land?' and I said, 'Yes, she lives in a castle made of caramel and also mommy misses the binky... Imagine me and you apart, Sabrina, you and me apart would be terrible.’”

Thalía later explained that her daughter Sabrina finally realized that she wanted the “binky” to be with its mom, and eventually forgot about the pacifier. “You know what I think?” she added. “It's like the first experience of letting go. As a human being it's very difficult to let go, so for a baby it's terrible..." Watch Matt Lauer sit down with Thalía and let us know your experiences as a mother trying to completely get rid of the pacifier. How have you managed to do so? Do you think Thalía’s story could’ve helped you make an easier transition?