Everyone employs different means to get that instant dose of happiness- for some, it is the mindless shopping spree they hop on to or the big bucket of icecream they binge on. But does the happiness you get from engaging in these activities stick, does it charge you up for the long run? Nope, such fleeting moments won’t give you the satisfaction you need to be a happier person in 2020, these 10 tips from therapists will.

1.Time to let go at least one bad habit

It can be excessive caffeine consumption or the binge shopping sprees that make you feel financially unstable later. Start letting go of things which make you feel stressed. 

2. Engage in physical activity of your choice

Research proves that exercising regularly has positive effects in curbing depression as it improves mood and reduces stress levels. 

3. You can also opt for meditation

Your stress resilience will be marginally improved by a mindful meditation practice of at least 30 minutes daily as it lowers the negative effects of high cortisol, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Also, your mental clarity and focus are improved, leading to an improved level of mental performance.”

4. Start the habit of writing in a gratitude journal

Disarm your anxiety and negative thoughts by writing down things you are grateful for as soon as you wake up, thus training your brain to seek more positive moments throughout the day. 

5. Take mini-breaks away from your phone

Technological advancement has made us emotionally dependent on our phones and we rarely spend any time without it. So, to remove the social stressors the best idea would be to turn off your phone, especially at night and allow your mind to disconnect from the world around it. 

6. Identify the quality relationships in your life

Seek relationships which are loving and meaningful. Pick one person who you consider close to you and spending more quality time with them. This simple act on your part will not only improve your relationship but is also good for your mental and physical health.

7. Allow yourself to be sad

Stop chasing happiness and if you feel sad, then allow yourself to be sad. Suppressing your sadness, feelings of disappointment or anger is never the way you can deal with it. In fact, research even says that crying can feel incredibly therapeutic. Embrace the moments in which you feel these emotions and seek inner peace and calm.

8. Get a therapist

We often shy away from seeing a therapist for the option is still considered a taboo topic to discuss. But talking to someone who is not only mentally but professionally well-suited to aid you in your journey to find inner peace is the best decision you’ll take in 2020.

9. Start conquering your biggest fears this year

Fears have a tendency of holding us back, so this year, commit yourself to delete those anxieties. If you are afraid to make a decision solely because you fear rejection, failure, or afraid of losing someone, you need to look at it as a goal, ace it, and find the satisfaction of having dealt with your fears. 

10. Recognize the importance of sleep

A consistent sleep cycle, where you have the needed hours of sleep and a set bedtime is very crucial to function as a human being devoid of chronic sleep deprivation related stress issues which seriously hamper psychological health. Sticking to a sleep schedule will not only improve your memory and reduce anxiety but will also aid in preventing chronic illnesses.