Shakira posed with her star in Hollywood.
Shakira was pictured with her star in Hollywood. Shakiras's Facebook

The Hollywood Walk of Fame, a dream achievements for all stars, is a showcase of the outstanding talent of Latino artists in the most powerful cultural and entertainment industry of the world. Nevertheless, many who one might think would be featured there are missing.

Latino presence began in 1960 when the Mexican actress Dolores del Río became the first to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Since then, dozens of Latinos and Latinas have been honored with the distinctive five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars.

The stars are embedded along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street in California. It's a must-see for tourists visiting Los Angeles, with an estimated 10 million annual visitors, as well as an iconic symbol of recognition by the industry.

Getting a star has also become an opportunity for Latinos in Hollywood to share the struggles endured to succeed in this competitive industry, where actors, directors, producers and musicians of this demographic are many times underrepresented.

Salma Hayek, the successful Mexican actress, businesswoman and producer, used her speech in 2021 to talk about this issue. "I remember the studio saying to me many times: 'Why don't you go back to do telenovelas?´ You'll never find a job here.'"

According to the 2023 UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report, Latinos and Latinas held just 2.3 percent of top theatrical film acting roles in 2022. Moreover, an analysis of 521 live-action TV shows that aired between 2021 and 2022 across broadcast, cable, and digital platforms found that Latino actors made up 4.6% of show leads.

"We refuse to be filtered through a White perspective," an open letter signed by over 270 writers and showrunners stated. They estimated than while Latino Population is 18.3% of the U.S. population, people from this community only make up 4.7% of feature writers and 8.7% of TV writers.

Famous Latinos in the Hollywood Walk of Fame

1. Guillermo del Toro

The filmmaker Guillermo del Toro posed for pictures with a Mexican flag when he got the 2,669th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2019. The director, who was recognized for having "one of the most creative and vivid imaginations," has won three Oscar awards: one for best animated feature for 'Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio' and two for best director and best movie for The Shape of Water.

"As a Mexican, receiving this star is a gesture and no gesture. Right now it can be banal or simple. This is very important. This is happening right now because I can tell to all of you, all immigrants from every nation, that you should believe in the possibilities and not the obstacles. Do not believe the lies they tell about us. Believe in the stories you have inside and believe that we all can make a difference and we all have stories to tell and we all can contribute to the art and the craft and the world in any way we see fit," Del Toro said.

2. Shakira

Shakira in 2023 Latin Grammys.
Shakira in 2023 Latin Grammys. Shakira's Facebook

The international pop star Shakira also dedicated her Walk of Fame star to Latino community, in the ceremony held in 2011, when she was 34 years old. She became the first Colombian to get their own star in Hollywood.

"I want to share this with you because of that unbreakable spirit that we Latinos have, that spirit to overcome all our difficulties with a smile. This star is for you. I think we all come into the world with a star, with a talent and a gift and then our dreams are born," she said.

3. Sheila E.

Sheila E. with her star in Hollywood
Sheila E. with her star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Sheila E.'s Facebook

The singer and drummer Sheila Escovedo, AKA Sheila E., was one of the latest Latino artists to receive a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on 12 July, 2023. Of Mexican heritage, the 'Queen of Percussion', of 65 years old, became the first female solo percussionist on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when her star was unveiled.

"Sheila E. is a powerhouse in the music industry. She has had quite an iconic career and has performed with the best!" said Ana Martínez, Producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. "We are thrilled to have her join the iconic Walk of Fame as the first female solo percussionist on the Walk of Fame. I cannot think of a better place but to place her star in front of the Musician's Institute" added Martínez.

More Latinos with Stars

The Hollywood Walk of Fame: Luis Miguel
The Hollywood Walk of Fame: Luis Miguel became the first Latino in be honored with a star. Lady Bardot/Wikimedia Commons

Many other Latinos and Latinas achieved their own stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, among them Luis Miguel (1996), Jennifer López (2013), Ricky Martin (2007), Marco Antonio Solís (2010), Maná (2016), Luis Miguel (1996), Ana Gabriel (2021), Angelica Vale (2022), Cristina Aguilera (2010), Don Francisco, Eugenio Derbez (2016), Gustavo Dudamel, Juan Gabriel (2002), José José (2004), Pitbull (2016), Salma Hayek (2021), Selena Quintanilla (2017), Dolores del Río (1960), Gloria Estefan (1983), Sofía Vergara (2015), Thalía (2013) and Vicente Fernandez (2017).

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