With the assistance of medics, police in India's Bengaluru were able to successfully extract a gold necklace that a thief had eaten following an unsuccessful attempt to flee with it.

According to the Deccan Herald, the dramatic incident happened on Saturday night on central Bengaluru's MT Street near KR Market.

The chain snatcher, who ate the gold chain to avoid being arrested by cops, forcefully laxatives and bananas.

Around 8.50 p.m. local time, a gang of three guys kidnapped a woman named Hema who wore a gold chain worth more than 70 grams.

One of the suspects, Vijay, allegedly tried to snatch Henna's chain, but she managed to keep it with one hand. Although she had fallen after being assaulted by the man, she refused to let him go. She managed to attract the attention of two bystanders.

While Vijay could get the gold chain from Hema's grasp, he found himself trapped in the narrow and packed street. He swallowed the metal chain seconds before he was punched violently by the public.

However, after being transported to the KR Market police station, Inspector BG Kumaraswamy directed his subordinates to transport the robber to a hospital because he had been severely hurt due to the assault he had experienced.

The cops are said to have been unaware of the chain until Vijay was transported to the hospital. The owner, too, assumed the chain had fallen into the streets.

According to India.com, the story took an unexpected turn After an X-ray revealed a metal object inside his body,

The thief initially claimed that the object was a bone he had ingested when confronted by cops and physicians. The officers, however, did not believe him and ordered that he be given an Enema laxative and some bananas to help him get rid of the chain.

The chain was eventually excreted in the feces.

Regardless of how heinous it sounds, India Times said this isn't the first time laxatives and bananas have been used to retrieve a swallowed chain.

In 2016, the Mumbai police had to use a similar tactic to recover a thief's swallowed gold chain. After an X-Ray revealed the metallic object lodged within his stomach, police ordered a basket of bananas and force-fed him four dozen bananas. Later, police arrested him and told him to wash it with phenyl. He was taken into arrest after being brought before a magistrate.

It's worth noting that this wasn't the first time Mumbai cops utilized this tactic to recover a stolen item.

A chain was recovered in 2015 after a burglar was forced to eat two dozen bananas and drink several litres of laxative-laced milk.

[Representational image] A goldsmith creating a 24K gold Phoenix necklace by hand at Lao Feng Xiang. Jlamirande/Wikimedia Commons

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