The Hollywood Reporter has revealed its THR 100 list of today's most powerful people in the entertainment industry.

It is not a big surprise that the man of the hour, Lin-Manuel Miranda, made the list at 100 for his Broadway smash hit “Hamilton” and numerous exciting new projects.

“Few on this list will cop to not having seen the phenom's hip-hop life of Alexander Hamilton on Broadway (Steve Golin is one, but his son has seen it four times) as Hollywood is eager to tap into the 36-year-old's heat and originality: He's writing music for Disney's Moana and will star opposite Emily Blunt in its Mary Poppins sequel,” THR explains.

Another Latino on the list is Alejandro González Iñárritu at the 94th spot, who, at 52, is the first filmmaker in 65 years to win back-to-back directing Oscars. One for “Birdman” and the second for “The Revenant.”

While the magazine lists the $532 million “The Revenant” made worldwide as his “big win,” it might have also helped his lead star Leonardo DiCaprio land the number 10 spot on the list.

DiCaprio is described as an actor who has not attached himself to a franchise, but has managed to create a brand that producers and directors want to associate with. In other words, DiCaprio is box office gold.

The magazine’s Matt Belloni and Stephen Galloway explains how they came up with these names and how they somehow “measure” these people’s power. They say that most of the actors who made the cut, are also producers and directors, and those who aren’t are more commonly attached to major franchises.

Of course, executives such as Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney Co. (number 1 on the list), have tremendous power as they are involved in every area of the entertainment industry, from theme parks to movie studios to cable networks.

Who else do you think should have made the list?