Netflix has been dominating the online movie streaming niche for years now. But newcomer Disney+ just might have what it takes to crush its more established rival.

According to TechRadar, Disney+ has a few things up its sleeve that might tip the scales in its favor. For instance, its single-tier pricing might be a huge factor in convincing consumers to choose the newer streaming service over its rival Netflix.

At the moment, Netflix has three subscription plans – basic, standard, and premium - that users can choose from. But Disney+ ditched the multi-tiered subscription system and opted to offer its service via single tier pricing, which consumers might find simpler and more appealing.

At the moment, not every movie in Disney+ has 4K resolution, but the streaming company has one edge over Netflix in this area. Since there is only one-tier pricing, it means that any 4K video on the platform is available to every subscriber and not limited only to those who subscribed to a more expensive plan.

Disney Plus Official Cover Photo of Disney Plus Disney Plus/Facebook

Not everyone might be that picky but there will always be those who would prefer to see their favorite movie in 4K. And Disney+ has a lot of those in its arsenal such as the 4K version of the original Star Wars trilogy as well as future Marvel and Pixar movies currently in the works. Considering this scenario, it’s definitely a sweet deal for movie watchers.

Disney has been around making movies for decades. For fans of classic films, subscribing to Disney+ basically means access to a treasure trove of long-forgotten movies.

With new competition in the field, it would be normal for Netflix to feel a bit worried. However, its CEO does not seem in the least concerned about Disney+’ entry. On the contrary, he seems to welcome the competition.

“I'm not saying we worry about them, we admire them,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said, according to CNET. “I'll subscribe, they've got great shows.”

As far as the CEO is concerned, Netflix could learn a lot due to the entry of the entertainment industry’s oldest names. “Disney is the one that we really have the most to learn from,” Hastings added. “We learn. We observe. We watch them.”